3 Patterns of Recovery after Infidelity – Esther Perel

Three patterns of Recovery after Infidelity excerpted from Esther Perel, “After the Storm”, in Psychotherapy Networker (U.S.), Sept-Oct. 2010 Helping couples using Couple Therapy to recover from the immediate crisis that occurs when infidelity is discovered, is essential – but what happens to them after they leave therapy? All marriages are alike to the degree that confronting an affair [...]

Men’s instinct to Protect in the Couple by S. Stozny

How to motivate men to change in their couple relationships : The primary motivation keeping men invested in loving relationships is different from what keeps women invested. The glue that keeps men (and males in social animal groups) bonded is the INSTINCT TO PROTECT. If men can’t feel successful at protecting, they cannot fully love. Failure [...]