• At what frequency are couple sessions?

    2 weeks between sessions, on average.

  • How long are they?

    Sessions are 1 1/2 hours long.

  • Are there special things to do between sessions?

    Yes, there are Homeworks to do:

    1. Individual type: a reflection to put into writing about something about oneself which we have spotted as needing special attention.

    2. Couple type: after an Imago Dialogue has been done in a session, an exercise modeled on the session experience can be done at home; if the exercise “fails”, there is nevertheless much to learn, and we discuss the learnings at the following session.

  • How long does the whole process last?

    At least  6 sessions are needed for a durable result.

  • How does the coaching end?

    The couple first informs us of their wish to finish. At the following session, we coach a balance-sheet procedure between the partners to review what each one feels has been – and also not been – achieved; we also tell the couple how we imagine their next steps of growth.

If you want a fuller understanding about the process,