As an American expat, I do coaching sessions with my wife Doris, Austrian psychotherapist and coach for couples in Vienna.

We worked as a team for years in Brussels, in English and French, with numerous mixed expat couples of every imaginable combination of nationalities and cultures. We fine-tuned our methods as we adapted to these very diverse people.

Following that experience, we now bring our work to couples in Vienna.

What typical problems do couples who consult us have??

  • very different basic attitudes regarding many aspects of daily life
  • infidelity and affairs, known or not to the other partner
  • frequent flare-ups of jealousy
  • frequent, exhausting arguments tending more and more to violence
  • an atmosphere of emptiness and boredom, with loss of sexual desire and functioning solely as parental couple and no longer as lovers
  • conflicts about spending or saving money
  • a dificult relationship of a partner with his/her in-laws
  • burn-out at work of one of the partners
  • overreaction by one partner to small bothers, sometimes due to an unrecognized post-traumatic stress syndrome

Our main technique: Imago Dialogue, coached by us during the first sessions.

Complementary tools: EMDR, Systemic Coaching and Voice Dialogue; read more about these on


  • Venue of sessions: either in the 16th or 7th district; see map under „Wo?“
  • Frequency of sessions: variable.
  • Specific homework to be done between sessions.
  • Fee: discussed at the 1st session.

I invite you to come meet us to start the journey of rekindling your relationship.

Psychiatrist, certified Imago Relationship Therapist since 2007

Psychotherapist and Coach

Here is a videotaped interview in English of Dr. Hershkowitz speaking about what’s special in the Imago way of working with a couple.

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